Saturday, December 22, 2012

Taman Rimba Sanadakan

Celebrating my Christmas week here at Sandakan. Travelling from Ranau to Sandakan take about 3 hours a really tiring me up. I used to drive 400-500km years ago but now I'm not that type of drive anymore. Usually the traveling will depends on traffic condition. Be careful with the roads and watch out for the oil palm lorry.  Arrive here today (22nd Dec 2012). Visit my brother in-law at Sandakan Hospital. A must do task - Daily Visit my brother in-laws. Tomorrow planning to go around the city before headed to Hospital Sandakan. My wife and my children were with me and I'm happy for that. I can spent a lot of time with them. During school holiday was the perfect time I can be with them. Travel from north to south and east too west of Sabah was my favorites. If my children were old enough, I will take them to Europe visit the Vatican City where it was my big dream from my childhood dream.

Hopefully we all happy, safe and always under GOD protection. I have been here at Sandakan in  June 2011 with my in-laws and monthly visit while working at Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu as the Marketing Manager. I sill remember the road and all the best and famous place in Sandakan. Till we meet again... Have a safe life and Don't drink too much during this festive season.. Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2013. Like the US Marine Soldier said... Huuurrraah... 

Harry George

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