Thursday, December 20, 2012

21st December 2012 - False Prediction

Apocalypse... the word which really famous in 12.2012.. Even a movie named after 2012. A false prediction by the Mayan People thousand years ago. Sitting at my balcony last night while watching the star and hoping that the prediction was wrong and at the thought was true. Wondering which was true.. human prediction or GOD word from the good book of the Holy Bible. What a shame of me for believing that the world end at 2012!!! 

A captured word from the good book " Just wait and see, he will come like a thief at the middle of the night. Be ready and pray always." I believe in GOD and trust what I have learned form his errand. I'm hoping for the best for my family members and my close relatives. I am trying to find way for helping my family from disaster and it all fall in the hand of GOD the almighty.

My intention for upcoming year is to have a good way of life, stay away from evil and help the society. I will continue my services for the public. Continuing writing articles for the sake of Sabahan. Continue my duty as a teacher and contribute my effort to make Sabahan free from poverty. All the best for Sabah and Malaysia. GOD save Sabah and Malaysia. 

Harry George
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